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The First Five Levels of the Curriculum as Taught at Shao Lin San Kung Fu Temple

Shao Lin San Kung Fu Temple Founder    
       Grandmaster Brian Gray
   Grandmaster Brian Gray founded the famous
      Shao Lin San Kung Fu Temple in 1971

The Complete Curriculum, Including Written Handouts and Exams - 5 DVD Set

This 5-DVD Series is the collection of videotaped lessons from the Shao Lin San Kung Fu Temple, a school of Chinese martial arts containing one of the largest libraries in the world.  Shao Lin San is a guardian of all that the ancient Shaolin Temple in China represented.  As such, it is the philosophy of this temple that the traditional arts be preserved, and that the highest degree of integrity be followed in the process.  As you train in the material you find on these dvds, you will gain knowledge that often is rare.  Treat this material with respect, learn it well, and represent your art to the best of your ability.  This series of dvds represents the material that is taught to the student at Shao Lin San from Beginner Level to Expert Level.  If you truly train and study with this material, you will find that you have enough material here to become a Master.  And, remember, mastering this art is a long journey made up of many small steps. Never give up!   

Level 1  - This level contains : Stances, kicks, blocks and punches, three hand sets, Ming Bow, theories, definitions, history of Kung Fu, and more.


Level 2  - This level contains : Aerial kicks, hand positions, four empty-hand forms, broadsword form, history of the Shaolin Temple, and more.


Level 3  - This level contains : Butterfly kick, empty hand form, long staff techniques, long staff form, and more.


Level 4  - This level contains : Hand positions, praying mantis form, long staff fight set, short training drill, history of Shao Lin San, and more.


Level 5  - This level contains : Foot sweeps, two-man fight set, paired fight routine, kwan dao form, dictionary of martial arts terms, treatise on Yin and Yang, and more.


T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Iron Palm DVD

  In 1986, Grandmaster Gray filmed a training video for students who wanted to learn the Yang School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.  This video includes footage of Grandmaster Gray performing a long form from the Yang School as well as push hands and applications. 

   Also on this dvd is one of Grandmaster Gray's first Iron Palm tapes for collectors.

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