Chinese Iron Palm
The Ultimate Source for Traditional Iron Palm
Grandmaster Brian Gray's Personal Iron Palm Liniment Is Still Made Exclusively By Him
Grandmaster Gray personally makes every bottle of liniment that his company sells. This is the highly acclaimed formula that he has been using for decades in his own Iron Palm training regimen. Using only the best herbs, Grandmaster Gray follows the rules for making the best Iron Palm Liniment around, never storing or shipping the liniment in plastic or metal, since that would weaken or destroy the liniment's healing qualities. His liniment is shipped to you in eight-ounce, sixteen-ounce or thirty-two-ounce glass bottles.  Other companies charge many times our price, give you less liniment and, often, a weaker formula.  People around the world have been using Grandmaster Brian Gray's Iron Palm Liniment with astounding success.  Why buy liniment from people who are trying to copy Grandmaster Gray when you can buy your liniment directly from the man, himself?  We also sell it by the case and super-case.
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