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The Complete Iron Palm DVD Series
This is a 3-DVD set that was produced by Grandmaster Brian Gray when he wrote the first two books on the Iron Palm, namely, The Complete Iron Palm and The Advanced Iron Palm.  In this series, you will have Grandmaster Gray personally teaching you all the necessary steps from beginning Iron Palm conditioning of the hands, to the proper physics of breaking skills, as well as application of the Iron Palm techniques for self-defense.

Iron Palm Moments DVD      This dvd grew out of a promise Grandmaster Gray made to always stay involved in protecting the integrity of the Chinese Iron Palm Skills.  When con artists make outrageous claims concerning their supposed Iron Palm Skills abilities, all while failing to back up their claims with verifiable demonstrations of said skills, it becomes necessary to help educate the public.  Besides teaching the art, Grandmaster Gray has been demonstrating it for several decades.  This tape contains footage from various events for which he has performed, including the World Games, Japanese Television, ABC-TV’s “Evening Magazine,” Chinatown, New York, and others.  There is no commentary added to the tape.  It simply speaks for itself.   When people claim to know this art, they should not have to hide behind excuses.  Either they know the art, or they do not, and no amount of trickery is going to change that.  The more you are educated as to what real Iron Palm looks like, the less likely you will be taken by the con artists who are only out for your money.


Grandmaster Brian Gray's Iron Palm Form DVD

In 1995, Grandmaster Brian Gray founded the Iron Palm International Organization with one main purpose, that being to insure that the integrity of the Chinese Iron Palm Skills would be kept intact.  His organization would oversee teaching the genuine art to those who wanted to learn, and would make sure that there was a way to certify their training so that they could show visible proof of having received legitimate instruction and passing qualified examinations in this rare art.    As part of Grandmaster Gray's efforts to take the student from the breaking skills through to the level of being able to apply those skills, he created a form that contains the basics of every conceivable Iron Palm striking position.  Prior to this, there were no Iron Palm forms, so this form is a first, but it grew out of a need to help those training in this art to understand the complexities of application.

     In order to properly train, learn the form so that you can go through all of the moves with continuity.  Then, practice the form with speed until you are fluid and do not have to think to perform it.  The form should become second nature.  Finally, practice each move with full power.


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