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Grandmaster Gray's Limited-Edition, Signed Collector Copies

Pictured Above: The Limited-Edition, Signed Collector Manuscripts.  These autographed collector's copies are limited to 50 each and are priced at $50 per copy plus shipping and handling.  Applied Iron Palm is now sold out.

In 1985, when Grandmaster Brian Gray first lifted the veil of secrecy on the ancient Chinese Iron Palm Skills and published some of the material on this nearly lost art, because of strict Kung Fu traditions, he was reluctant to allow everything to be put in print.  Gradually, over the years, he wrote more on the subject of the Iron Palm, but still there was much more material that he kept from being published.  Here, finally, is the complete Iron Palm course of Grandmaster Brian Gray, for everyone from beginner to master.  He shares all of the treasures of the Iron Palm. 


   Decades ago, when Grandmaster Gray first published material on the Iron Palm, there were no Iron Palm demonstrations being given publicly other than those he personally gave.  Today, practitioners around the world are posting demonstrations of their Iron Palm abilities on the internet, all of this thanks to Grandmaster Gray’s willingness to share the secrets of this ancient art with the rest of the world.  He has been called “The Father of the Iron Palm in America,” and  in 2002, Inside Kung Fu magazine named him to the list of the “30 Most Influential Masters of the Past Thirty Years.”  Included on that list were such notables as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, and it is evident that Grandmaster Gray revolutionized the martial arts world by allowing everyone access to the secrets of the Chinese Iron Palm Skills.


    Grandmaster Gray’s first two books, The Complete Iron Palm and The Advanced Iron Palm, went on to become best-sellers, but they were never meant to be complete treatments of the subject.  Two decades later, Grandmaster Gray has re-written both of the first two books and added two more, Applied Iron Palm and Grandmaster Brian Gray’s Iron Palm Form.  For the first time ever, there is now a complete guide to all the training necessary to go from a beginner to a master of this art.  In fact, this series is so complete that a person needs no other martial arts training to be able to learn and master the skills needed to become lethal against street attacks.

Grandmaster Brian Gray's latest series of Iron Palm books.
These four books offer a complete martial art system, from beginning to end.  Grandmaster Gray has put everything a person needs in these books to complete the journey in the world of the Iron Palm.  Master these four books, and you will have mastered a system, and if you want certification, that is offered at the annual meeting of the Iron Palm International Organization.  Sold as a set only.  If you want to buy these one book at a time, contact our publisher at: .

My Philosophies is only available through our website.  This book represents decades of Grandmaster Gray's personal entries into his notebook that he called "My Philosophies."  This is a very entertaining and thought-provoking book.  Each copy is personally autographed.

The Complete Published Articles of Grandmaster Brian Gray is only available through our website.  This book contains all of the many articles written by Grandmaster Gray over more than twenty-five years, all of them published by various martial arts magazines, most notably Inside Kung Fu.  Each copy is personally autographed.
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